Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Review

Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Amazon, in partnership with ICICI Bank, launched the co-branded Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card in 2019. With zero joining and zero annual fees, the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card is one of the best entry-level credit cards currently in India. Similar to the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card in the USA which is a co-branded Credit card between Amazon and Chase Bank, the ‘Indian version’: Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card gives good reward points on Amazon and non-Amazon spending both.


No joining fee, no annual fee

You get Rs 300 back in the form of Amazon Pay balance on card approval. (This amount was higher earlier (as high as Rs 2000 when the card was launched))

Eligibility for Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

No specific criteria is mentioned for the Card on the ICICI website. If you are eligible, you would see an Apply now button in the Amazon mobile app (Amazon app -> Amazon Pay -> Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card).

Benefits of Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Welcome benefit

On successful card approval, you get Rs 300 as Amazon Pay balance.

Reward points

  • Get 5% back on shopping on Amazon if you are a Prime member. If not, you get 3%.
  • Get 2% back on all Amazon Pay partner merchants when you use this credit card on Amazon Pay.
  • Get 1% back on all other purchases.

And the best part is.. There is absolutely no upper cap on the rewards, not even the 5% rewards. Theoretically, you can even earn Rs 5L as reward points if you spend Rs 1 crore on Amazon in a month.

Note: All earnings in this card are in the form of Amazon Pay balance.


  • Since last couple of months, the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card is excluded from most of the merchant specific ICICI Credit Card offers, even on Amazon. This undervalues the card a little.

Should you get it?

If your answer to the question: “Do you shop on Amazon?” is yes, then you should take this card. Even if you have Super Premium Credit Cards such as HDFC Diners Club Black or HDFC Infinia which provide rewards up to 33% on Amazon, it never hurts keeping an extra LIFETIME FREE Credit Card. If you don’t shop on Amazon, having this card does not make much sense because well, you won’t get more than 1% return (which is still a decent return IMO and Amazon pay balance is accepted by a lot of online merchants like Swiggy etc). Have insurance payments? You can use this card and earn a handsome 2% when you pay via Amazon Pay using this card. Many of the other cards don’t give any reward points on insurance payments.

This was the card I relied upon for my Amazon Shopping before getting the HDFC Diners Black (and now Infinia). Even post that, I sometimes use the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card when the upper limit of monthly accelerated rewards of my Diners Black is reached. The Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card is one of the best entry level Credit Cards which is easy to get with simple and transparent reward system unlike the Payback reward system in other ICICI Credit cards, even the Premium ones like the Sapphiro Credit Card.

Let me know your thoughts or queries on the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card in the comments below. Want any specific Credit Card reviews? Let me know in the comments below or using the Contact Me section of this website.

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