About Me

I’m Gaurav Nishant, a Software Engineer by profession and a finance enthusiast by heart. In 2015, I joined my first job and with the first salary, the ‘trial period’ of my life sponsored by my parents ended. I was both happy and confused at the same time. Happy as I became independent, and confused to see the random numbers mentioned on my payslip which were beyond my understanding at that time.

I got my salary account opened, and my first credit card got delivered. For the first few months, I was too afraid to use the credit card. I had heard from family and friends to never use it since it is ‘money which you don’t own’ and the bank charges are too high. The first time I used my credit card was in a CCD which offered 15% discount using Citibank credit card. When I paid the bill for that transaction next month, it felt like magic since I used ‘someone else’s money’ and didn’t actually pay any extra money. All I had to do was pay the bill before the due date. I own 20 credit cards currently and I’m able to save more than 2L in a year easily only by using credit cards.

That was the time I realized how awesome credit cards are, and started exploring the world of money. I started exploring about various credit and debit cards, income tax, investments, trading and others. When I started, I had problems finding a proper place where I can find everything related to finance. All the contents were scattered and it was a lot of effort finding all of them. With this blog FinanceNerd I want to help others understand the basics of finance and how to manage their money in a better way.

FinanceNerd is a place where you can learn how to read your payslip and be able to relate to those ‘random’ numbers present in your payslip. Worried about too much income tax getting deducted from your salary or whether to go for new regime of income tax calculation or continue with the old regime? This website will explain you about the various tax saving ways and using the salary calculator you can calculate your approximate in hand salary and find out a better way to manage your salary by selecting suitable investments based on your short term and long term goals.

Worried about which credit card to select? Read through my Credit Card reviews and select the best cards suitable for you according to your requirements.