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Okay, so you worked hard, graduated from college with a good paying job. Well done! Now what?

“Now I’ll buy everything I wanted to buy in college: The Noise Cancellation Headphones which I had wishlisted in college days, the sports bike which I always loved, the latest iPhone, everything”.

Thought anything about saving for the future?

“Come on man, I’m only 25, I have my whole life to think about the future. I’ll start saving after few years! Till then, let me first enjoy my life to the fullest”.

Okay, but you should start investing some money from the very beginning to get the benefits of compounding.

“Whats that? Had studied something about compound interest in school, but never saw any practical use of that till now”.

Man, you should be careful about your finances. Its good that you are enjoying, but that does not mean that you should totally neglect the future. You should have a understanding of your finances so that you can have a control over it.

“Sure if you say so, but I don’t have any knowledge about finance. Where do I start? I don’t even know how to read my salary slip. Its just so confusing, I can relate only to the ‘Net pay’ since that is the same as what gets credited into my account. I don’t understand how the other values are calculated”.

This is the story of most of the college graduates out there! The schools and colleges teach us how to earn money, but never teach how should we manage that money. Neither do we attempt to learn so because well, we are so busy fulfilling our ‘dreams’.

I’m creating this website to help such people who are not that into personal finance, understand the basics and boost their financial knowledge, which in turn will enable them to have more control over their present and future. Lets start with the basics first: How to read my salary slip, since most of us don’t understand the various components of our payslip. Once you understand what are the components, you can learn about how your salary is calculated. You can also see my Credit Card Reviews on some of the good Credit cards in India and get one suitable for your requirements.

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